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    A summary for our English-speaking camping friends

    Welcome to the English page;-)

    To be totally honest, as much as I enjoyed writing the Dutch version of this website I also have to admit that it is rather long. Fun and interesting but the bare facts are most likely all you want to know, right?


    So before you look for the answer to the million dollar question, read this..... The answer is right here.

    Yes, our RTT fits on 90% of the cars, as long as the car has cross bars on the roof

    An average car can carry approx. 75 kg on the (Thule) roof rack. This is correct. When parked the roof can carry as much as 300 kg

    On top of this, the RTT can carry 2 persons. This is correct.

    Due to the fact that there is difference in the car driving or being parked, the roof rack can carry 3 times as much weight when not in motion. So you can sleep on the roof. This is correct.

    So, here we go.

    About 4 years ago we started importing our own Rooftop Tents, from now on I will refer to them as RTT's, (want to keep it short after all) from China.

    As you can imagine this is a huge adventure and a big challenge. But, we wouldn't be doing this if travelling wasn't our initial excuse to even start this hobby which has by now, 4 years later, gone rogue.

    We love to share our thoughts about freedom, the outdoors, reminisce about trips to the middle of nowhere or talk about the pro's and con's of soft shell tents versus hard shell tents. For now you'll just have to believe me, it is all written in Dutch on the previous pages.

    If you are eager to find out what it says you have two choices, you can use Google Translate or, the better option, write us an email and we will answer your questions in person. Nice to meet you!


    What do we actually sell?

    Well, we focus on hard shell Rooftop Tent's, with a sustainable hard shell, in black only and ideal for small cars. Not all of us own a 4WD so if you are worried about the RTT fitting on the roof of your small or big car, just remember this: if it is possible to mount a roof rack on your vehicle, we can mount the RTT to your roof.

    • We sell the MILES and the HOPPER, two different shape tents available in three different colors. For this you'll have to scroll through the Dutch pages. (Isn't this fun, it is like a treasure hunt)
    • Other than the RTT's we sell 2 amazing 'luifels' or rather awnings in English, called the SKADU or KAJTO. Both are multifunctional awnings which can stand by themselves but is either designed to rest on the back of the vehicle creating an extended 'living room' area behind the car or can be connected to your RTT
    • And for the chilly Summer or Autumn nights, we sell the ANVIL cute little wood stove, ideal to fill a warm water bottle. Bye bye cold sleeping bag

    And what do we sell it for? The biggest question after all.

    While you are slowly learning some Dutch along the way, Prijzen means Prices. See, not too difficult.

    • The MILES and HOPPER 2018 cost 1749,- or 1699,- euro's. This includes the ladder and basic mattress.
    • The MILES and HOPPER 2019 cost 1899,- or 1849,- euro's. This includes the ladder and basic mattress.
    • TEN CATE OUTDOOR FABRIC Miles and Hopper cost 2299,- or 2249,-  This includes the ladder and basic mattress.
    • The amazing "you can't do without" awning, SKADU costs 99,95 euro's. This includes 4 poles, lines and herrings.
    • The KAJTO costs 129,95 and has 3 options for mounting or connecting to your vehicle
    • And for the romantics amongst us, the ANVIL stove costs 158,- euro's. This includes, eh, nothing really. Just a great stowaway little wood burner. (The stove does come in a cardboard box though, no worries)
    • You can order any of our products online in our webshop. Or when in doubt, drop us an email and we will reply, as fast as the wind blows.
    • Last but not least, we have some orange or green ex-rental  Miles available, starting at 1300,- euro's. Ask us about them!
  • Facts, yep in English

    Take a look and compare!

    Thanks to Elmar, he got to play with his drone

    And we got a fun video, just for a crate of beer. Cheers.

    Imagine being a bird

    Even in Winter, read about Pete's experience below

    Yes, even the Dutch go out on their roof, we can see way farther than most of you;-)

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